Calibre Moebius

HAUTLENCE HL Moebius in-house calibre, including the going train and automatic winding system.
Half-trailing hours displayed by a chain, retrograde minutes, bi-axial tourbillon.

Calibre Moebius
Calibre Moebius


Calibre description :

2 barrels: one going train barrel (power reserve for the entire watch calibre including power for the second complication barrel); and a complication barrel.

Hours displayed by a 12-link chain hinged on a pallet system. The speed regulator ensures that the hour display changes in a controlled and jerk-free manner in 3-4 seconds instead of instantly. It completes 48 revolutions at each hour change. Hour system activated by a one-revolution mechanism mainly composed of a connecting rod and a rack.

Bi-axial tourbillon comprising a constant-rotation regulating organ.

Movement kinematics featuring 90° changes of direction by means of special bevelled gears.

Automatic calibre with oscillating weight in 18-carat white gold-
This innovative calibre is protected by two HAUTLENCE patents.

Movement dimensions : 37.8 x 33.2 x 12.35 mm

Production technology : multi-axis micro-machining, wire EDM, LIGA photolithography

Number of components : 482

Power reserve : 40 hours

Regulating organ : 21,600 vibrations/hour

Number of jewels : 92

Finishing : fine-watchmaking type( satin-brushed, hand-drawn, hand-bevelled, anthracite ruthenium coating and mirror-polished steel elements

Identification and numbering plate : HLR2.1 xx/8

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