Hautlence crosses the line with a new advertising campaign featuring Eric Cantona

HAUTLENCE has recently launched an exciting new advertising campaign entitled CROSS THE LINE, backing its revolutionary tenth anniversary CROSS THE LINE World Tour exhibition, inaugurated in Asia this autumn.

Launched at the end of 2014, the ‘blue line’ visual stars the latest HAUTLENCE creation, the INVICTUS Morphos, alongside its designer: iconic former footballer and HAUTLENCE brand ambassador, Eric Cantona, who is also a multi-talented artist and art collector himself.

Snapped in dynamic action as he effortlessly leaps off the ground in a movement symbolising freedom from restraints, Cantona becomes an integral part of the campaign, just as he plays an active role in creating the products to which he puts his name. Expressing his own multi-faceted personality, Eric Cantona is involved in numerous aspects of the models he helps design in conjunction with a brand that prides itself on being, well decidedly different.

The CROSS THE LINE campaign is an open invitation to dare to be different and become a member of the Gentlemen Rebels Club. A club where the liberty so fiercely cherished and cultivated by HAUTLENCE and by Eric Cantona, defines the HAUTLENCE customer.

The campaign will be complemented by a second, exclusively product and innovation-focused “orange line” version.



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