Hautlence launches HL2.5 – the new interpretation of HL2.0 in dramatic black and red

HAUTLENCE is introducing an exciting new version of its revolutionary HL2.0 collection with a trend-setting model sporting a black DLC-coated grade 5 titanium case and horns with red varnish detail on the signature jumping hours.

Alternating sand-blasted, satin-brushed and hand-polished finishes, the HL2.5 is the fifth in the collection which marked the second generation of HAUTLENCE watches. It retains all the characteristics that contributed to establishing HAUTLENCE amongst the most prestigious contemporary watchmaking brands, while now appearing in a new, super lightweight 49g case.

Like its predecessors in the HL2.0 collection, and faithful to the brand’s fundamental concept of offering a different way of reading time, the HL2.5 model displays half-trailing jumping hours, retrograde minutes and a power-reserve indicator. All are 28-piece limited editions.


Three patents for an exceptional timepiece

The HL 2.5 naturally benefits from the collection’s set of three patents. The first concerns the half-trailing hours chain (as opposed to an instant system that is too fast to appreciate, or a dragging system that cannot be read correctly between the hours): every 60 minutes the chain advances in 3-4 seconds without jumps or loss of energy, making it possible to admire the beauty of the movement and its mechanisms in action.

The second patent relates to the regulating organ integrated into the mobile bridge movement. Its constantly changing position, driven by the display, compensates statistically for the effects of gravity, thus enhancing its precision.

The third patent covers the operation of the movement’s two barrels. The main barrel is wound by the automatic system and transmits the energy needed to wind a second barrel that is devoted exclusively to driving the complication. It is kept fully wound by the main barrel to ensure that an optimal level of energy is available to change each hour. This means the complex systems are powered independently without affecting the precision of the watch.

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