Hautlence Playground Labyrinth an entirely essential yet fundamentally useless object

In 2004, HAUTLENCE shook the world of watchmaking by revolutionising the way we tell the time. In 2016, HAUTLENCE offers a new vision of time altogether: LABYRINTH, the watchmaker’s invention that does not tell the time.

HAUTLENCE is stopping time. Through the Playground collection, HAUTLENCE brings new chronometric element to the table, extending beyond the original goal of telling time. In an increasingly connected world where everything, including the time, is available at the push of a button, the Playground collection plays with the idea of absolute disconnect. Immersing yourself in the game provides a very necessary and pleasant slowness.

LABYRINTH is the first model from this collection, a useless yet entirely essential object: a game of skill worn on the wrist, a portable labyrinth requiring absolute concentration and skill. It is a flashback to childhood where we allowed ourselves time to let our imaginations run wild and cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. The game is pulled from Sandro Reginelli’s youth, co-founder and CEO of HAUTLENCE, as a reminder of the out-dated games he played when he visited his grandparents when time came to a halt itself.

LABYRINTH may not tell the time; however, it is perfectly aligned with the excellence in watchmaking that is embedded in HAUTLENCE’s DNA. Moving the crown activates a clever mechanical lift, which feeds the ball onto the board using a camshaft system visible through the transparent backing. The maze-like dial is carved in solid gold with a forged platinum ball. The titanium case is rectangular, going back to the brand’s roots. LABYRINTH is the ultimate luxury product, made according to the most authentic watchmaking traditions and using only the finest materials.

In a world dictated by time, HAUTLENCE has launched the Playground collection, a collection of mechanical games in an attempt to buy stolen time. The collection is due to expand in the future and is guaranteed to surprise you, again and again: nothing less than what you would expect from a collection of never-ending time games.



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