Launch of HLC

Since it was founded, the HAUTLENCE brand has strived to create innovative watch designs, housing these in an artistic environment, sometimes contemporary, sometimes more classic.

Based on its sister line, the HLQ, the volume of the HLC line has been pared down and streamlined into a classic watch. Reduced to a harmonious diameter of 41mm, and a thickness of just 9mm, the HLC will sit perfectly on the wrist, whilst retaining the creative and attractive time display of the patented HL calibre.

With its 3rd mechanical calibre, HAUTLENCE has strengthened its presence in the company of brands which have decided to make their mark on history. By including a third movement developed and produced completely independently in its collection, the young manufacture is showing sceptics how it intends to ensure its longevity.

Finally, to allow those who desire even more exclusivity from lines which are already limited to just 88 pieces, HAUTLENCE is breaking new ground, giving customers the option to customise their watch to create a tailor-made version, choosing the case colour, dial type, flange colour, and selecting a strap – a move which should delight the more discerning watch enthusiasts.

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