New round collection: HLC

HAUTLENCE presents a new round collection HLC, C for CIRCULAR – CLASSICAL – CUSTOMIZABLE

Since its inception, the HAUTLENCE brand, based in the heart of Neuchâtel, has set its sights on creating innovative watchmaking concepts and bringing them together with art, sometime’s contemporary or classical.

Inspired by the HLQ, the HLC is a reduction of shape to a classical execution in the perfect dimension of 41mm diameter for 9mm thick.

By playing on the repetition of circles right down to the arched sections reserved for reading the minutes, the round HLC remodels its dial with the cerebral pleasure of knowing that its geometry is making an allusion to the repetitive nature of infinity.

The 41mm case has been defined based on the DNA of the HLQ, retaining the latter’s pure lines.

The cylindrical form of the case, designed to optimize the opening, orientated the design towards ideas of destructured construction; thus, the four horns are screwed to the outside of the case band, thereby optimizing the adjustment of the pivoting strap to fit the wearer’s wrist as snugly as possible.

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