We are people in motion

For the second year running, HAUTLENCE has invited customers, partners and the media to join its teams in the “Carré des Horlogers” at the highly renowned Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (International Fine Watchmaking Exhibition) in order to share and explore new arenas of aesthetic and technical creativity. If watchmaking is an art — and it surely is — HAUTLENCE timepieces have been its ground-breaking, stylish and dynamic expression since 2004.

“But that’s not all,” enthuses Sandro Reginelli, co-founder and CEO of the brand. “Watchmaking is a movement to the rhythm of passing time, which cannot be controlled, only embellished. With its hundreds of colourful characters all tirelessly moving, advancing, pushing ahead, PEOPLE IN MOTION, the gigantic kinetic art fresco decorating our stand perfectly illustrates who we are, our philosophy, our worldview as well as the vibrant creativity of watchmaking.

Faced with the power of the big brands and Manufactures, we are firmly convinced that the strength and relevance of a young firm such as ours lies in our capacity to constantly innovate; to ceaselessly challenge ourselves. More than ever, our aim is to escape from the straightjacket of traditional watchmaking codes. We want to imbue our watches with movement, life, creativity, colour and, in some instances, with a touch of folly and irreverence. Our new models for 2017 will once again embody this desire.”

HAUTLENCE intends to make the most of the profound changes currently sweeping through the watchmaking world to once again focus on the characteristics that have defined it for the last 13 years and made it unique: the inherently off-beat and the rebellious sides of its nature. “Right from the beginning, our choice has been to subvert and transcend the rules of classic watchmaking,” recalls Sandro Reginelli. “Now, just as then, we want to forge ahead, marrying the excellence of our business and watchmaking expertise with the worlds of art, kinetics and mechanics.

Just like Eric Cantona, our friend and ambassador, we wish to encourage creative exchanges and collaboration with rare and unique personalities. Our philosophy? Never being afraid to push our limits, while placing human beings with their desires, passions, dreams and — occasionally — even excesses at the very heart of our watches. Each of our timepieces must offer a chance to free ourselves from the passing of time, which all too often constricts and imprisons us.”

Sandro Reginelli concludes by summing up the HAUTLENCE attitude and outlook in a clear and confident strategy statement: “In watchmaking as in life, we must remain in motion. We have to dare to venture off the beaten track as well as to appropriate, cultivate and assert our difference.”


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